IMVU’s Pros & Cons

Yesterday, my post was about my experience on IMVU.

Today, I’ll be posting about the pros and cons about IMVU. I’d have to admit it. There are great reasons why IMVU have potential of being interesting also has it down side of being terrible. I’ll write the pros and cons of IMVU with numbers. Each PRO number matches with the CON number.

PROS: to be for something.        

  1. Friends from all over the world.
  2. Soul mate.
  3. Credits to money.
  4. Marriage package.
  5. Female friends.
  6. Romantic relationships.

CONS: to be against something.

  1. Language barrier.
  2. Catfish.
  3. Spend money to make credits.
  4. Spouse can hide the badge.
  5. Trannies/ Cross dressers.
  6. Cheaters.



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